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Alex’s Greek heritage has a great influence on his identity and nature.  The logo    of Alex Pappas, CPA, P.A. is a representation of his Spartan ancestry.  Alex’s grandparents were born in Greece and his father spent a portion of his   childhood living in Athens.   His Grandmother’s family is originally from Sparti, a town in the Laconia region of the southeastern Peloponnese of Greece.

Sparti, once known as “Sparta”, was widely known as having the fiercest warriors and was one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world.  Members of the Spartan army were trained and cultured from childhood to represent and defend Greece against her enemies.

One key attribute of the Spartan warrior was his shield, which weighed about 30 pounds and was made of wood with an outer layer of bronze.  The front of the shield bore the Greek letter lambda (Λ), a symbol that the warrior was from Laconia…and was a Spartan.

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